Bulky Items

/Bulky Items

Kimble is responsible for providing bulky waste collection to all Residential Units on a weekly basis. Bulky wastes may include but are not limited to stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, furniture, mattresses, and other large household items and appliances. Kimble must recycle all scrap metal and metal appliances collected as Bulky Wastes. Kimble must ensure the lawful removal of any refrigerant contained in any refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Kimble must provide documentation that verifies the proper removal of refrigerant, upon request by the Village.

Tree branches may be placed on lawn for pick-up. They must:

  • NOT be longer than 4 feet in length.
  • Bundled with rope.
  • NOT weigh more than 40 lbs.