Rose & Frances Holecek Tree Board

//Rose & Frances Holecek Tree Board


The Tree Board consists of 5 residents appointed by the Mayor was established in 1990 and renamed in honor of Rose & Frances Holecek Tree Board in 2017.

It’s purpose is for the preservation, maintenance, and expansion of the Village’s tree canopy.  Rose and Frances (sisters) were lifelong residents of Newburgh Heights and lived on Washington Park Boulevard and were committed to ensuring trees remained a vital resource in Newburgh Heights.

During 2023 the Board participated in the Annual Arbor Day Celebration and joined the Office of Mayor Gigi Traore by planting a Red Maple Tree at Village Hall along with a dedication plaque in honor of the Holecek sisters so their memory, service and legacy lives on and continues to accomplish their mission.

2023 Tree Board Members:

  • Jaimie Capuano, Chair
  • Michelle Bolin, Secretary
  • Carol Struhar
  • Paul Rydzinski
  • Randy Wagner