Curbside Inspections

//Curbside Inspections

Village of Newburgh Heights Building Code

In 2018 and 2019, the Village of Newburgh Heights Housing and Building Department (the ‘Department’) conducted the Curbside Inspection Program. We want to thank all of the homeowners that worked with us to make repairs, big and small, and we’d like to congratulate owners that achieved an excellent rating!


Many residents have made significant investments to their properties and have really made their houses and yards look great. Since starting the Home Maintenance Grant Program, the Village has awarded 36 grants totaling over $34,000.00 to seniors and military veterans. We will be continuing this program in 2020, and in addition, we have gathered up housing and other resources available to Newburgh Heights’ residents to create a Resource Directory. We are encouraging everyone to contact the Housing and Building Department about resources you may be eligible to access. In addition, The Village has been designated as a Community Reinvestment Area that provides tax incentives to residents looking to complete larger remodeling projects.


This year, the Curbside Program will slightly change. The work we have done over the last two years has allowed us to evaluate conditions throughout the Village and so moving forward we will be focusing on those structures of particular concern. It has also revealed a few common issues such as overgrown trees and deteriorating garages that may be causing health and safety issues. We are encouraging all property owners to maintain their garages as Village ordinances do require a garage for those properties meeting the minimum requirements.  It is important to maintain your garage before repairs become so large that the structure must be demolished and replaced.  A new garage can easily cost over $10,000! This summer, the Department will be focusing on these issues specifically. We will not be conducting full inspections of every property in the Village.


If you received a Curbside Inspection in 2018 or 2019 and corrected all violations on your report, you will NOT be re-inspected in 2020 unless a serious issue or garage violation has occurred since your last inspection. However, if you own a property with serious violations that have not been corrected or new issues have occurred, you are still required to work with the Housing and Building Department to make the required repairs and will receive a notification.


Please note, the Housing Inspector is Hilary Schickler. She will be wearing an ID badge and will be driving a Newburgh Heights vehicle. If you have information regarding an issue or eyesore property please contact the Housing and Building Department through the Village’s website, or call us at 216-641-4654 Monday-Thursday, 9am-3:30pm, and Friday, 9am-3pm. Keep in mind that our offices are open until 5pm, but due to new safety protocols the hours to call us directly have been shortened.


Thank you for helping to keep Newburgh Heights beautiful,


Kristine Pagsuyoin

Housing and Building Commissioner

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