Community Garage Sale

//Community Garage Sale

Community Garage Sale

This year’s sale is June 3-5.

To participate in the community garage sale, you need a permit:

Download a permit form (PDF), send in the completed form, and pay your $5 permit fee online. You may also obtain your permit between 9:00AM and 3:30PM, Monday–Thursday, at Village Hall.

Permits must be obtained before Friday, May 27 at 4PM to be included on the guide. (Guides will be available for pick up June 2 at Village Hall.)


The Committee will be placing signs at main street intersections to advertise the community-wide sale. You may place sale signs, balloons, or markings on your property for people to see your sale easily.

Once the sale ends, you are responsible for removing all of the sale signs, balloons, or markings you’ve placed.

On the Day of the Sale

  • Display your permit
  • Do not leave your cash box unattended!
  • PETS should be confined and away from buyers. Buyers may have allergies or be nervous around different types/sizes of pets.
  • Good luck and have a successful sale!

Questions? Please contact any member of the committee: Dorene Kray 216-702-2861; or Bill Dunman 216-496-2862

The sale of prepared foods or beverages at the Community Garage Sale is prohibited.