Planning Commission/Architectural Review Board

//Planning Commission/Architectural Review Board

Planning Commission/Architectural Review

The Planning Commission administers the Planning and Zoning Code and Building Code regulations and conducts Architectural Reviews of submitted plans for new construction projects or alterations to existing buildings both residential and commercial. Please refer the Planning and Zoning Code to read the code in its entirety.


The Planning Commission, consisting of five (5) residents of the Village of Newburgh Heights and the Mayor, meet every fourth Thursday of the month unless there is no business to conduct.  Public notification of Planning Commission meetings is posted 14 days in advance of the meeting in the local newspaper, on the Village of Newburgh Heights website and posted on the front door of Village Hall. Planning Commission Applications must be submitted to the Housing and Building Department, along with any required fees, within 21 days of the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting.  Applicants will be notified regarding the date, time and place of the meeting in which their application will be reviewed.