Rental Property Information Registration

//Rental Property Information Registration

Tenant's Right to Pay to Stay Ordinance

On October 5, 2021, the Newburgh Heights Village Council passed the ordinance entitled “Tenant’s Right to Pay to Stay” intended to assist those who may have been negatively impacted economically by the Covid-19 health crisis. The law is now if effect and should be considered as part of the process of registering a rental property in Newburgh Heights and obtaining a rental permit.

Pay to Stay Ordinance–attached

Rental Permits and Vacant Properties

As per Newburgh Heights Codified Ordinance 1353.03, all rental property owners in the Village, are required to obtain a Rental Permit. Rental Permits are required to be renewed every other year and are valid from time of issuance to December 31st of the year prior to renewal. For example, the renewal date for a Rental Permit obtained in 2018 must be renewed in 2020 by March 31st.


  • Rental Permit is required whether or not there is a financial compensation from the tenant/occupant. Family members are NOT exempted.
  • A copy of your insurance policy, issued by a reputable insurance company, insuring the structure up to its full replacement value is requiredA Rental Permit will not be issued without proof of insurance,
  • Rental Inspections are required and conducted at the time of registration or renewal, OR upon change of tenant(s). A property owner may refuse consent to a rental inspection. If such case should arise, the Village of Newburgh Heights may seek an administrative search warrant to inspect the property.
  • The Rental Inspection must be scheduled within 30 days of submitting an application for a Rental Permit,
  • Rental Properties with delinquent property taxes are ineligible for a Rental Permit. Contact the Housing and Building Department if you have delinquent property taxes.
  • The occupancy of any rental unit shall be prohibited prior to the issuance by the Village Housing and Building Department of a Rental Permit.
  • Rental permits or rental inspection reports must be maintained on site of the rental property, and made available to all prospective tenants.

Following are the required fees to obtain a Rental Permit in the Village of Newburgh Heights;

  • $150.00 per unit. The fee includes the rental inspection, one (1) follow-up inspection, change-of-tenant inspections and administrative and inspection costs.
    Owner-occupied rental properties do not pay a fee for the unit of residence.
    *All fees are non-refundable
  • Return/mail Rental Permit Application to the Housing and Building Department with check made payable to the Village of Newburgh Heights. Do not send cash. Currently, we are unable to accept credit cards payments. You may contact The Housing and Building Department to verify current or outstanding fees.

Vacant Properties

Any property in the Village of Newburgh Heights, rental or non-rental properties, are required to be registered as a vacant dwelling if the property we’ll not be occupied for any length of time.  The fee to register a property as Vacant Dwelling is $100 and must be renewed annually if not occupied. It is the property owner’s responsibility to contact the Housing and Building department should the property become occupied.