Kimble Guidlines

/Kimble Guidlines

Kimble utilizes an automated refuse collection.  Residents are provided with one 95 gallon rubbish tote (dark green) and one 65 gallon (light green) recycle tote.

Please place the tote at the curb and away from other objects, such as mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, parked cars, etc. DO NOT PLACE THE TOTE IN THE STREET.  The lid must open towards the street and the lid must remain closed to discourage animals.  DO NOT overfill the rubbish tote with rubbish sticking out over the rubbish cart. The automated truck cannot collect refuse containers blocked by parked cars or under trees with low-hanging branches.  Items that do not fit in the cart should be placed next to your rubbish tote.  See cart placement link below

The rubbish totes are Kimble Companies property and should not be defaced. The serial numbers on the front of the rubbish totes are registered to specific addresses and the totes must be left at the residence when moving out of the home.