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The leaf vac is NOT out during the spring months.

Leaves should be raked to the tree lawn when curbside pickup begins.

Do not rake leaves into the street. Raking leaves into the street creates a potential traffic hazard, and leaves washed into catch basins causes flooding conditions during hard rains, and heavy snowfall.

Do not mix yard waste, such as branches, vines, weeds, and grass clippings with the leaves. These items tend to clog up the vacuum tubes causing unnecessary delays in the leaf pickup process. Foreign objects, such as rakes, stones, rocks, etc., will break the vacuum fins disabling the machines.

Because of the large volume of leaves at certain times, there are no set dates or times for leaf pickup. Every effort will be made to provide a weekly pickup.

The leaf vac only picks up leaves during the fall season. Should you have any leaves in the spring season, bag or place them in your rubbish tote.  

For more information on leaf pickup, please call the Service Department at (216) 641-2714

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