Finance Department

The Finance Department is led by the Fiscal Officer, who is responsible for the oversight of the Village’s financial resources, inclusive of budgeting, payroll, forecasting, taxes and assessments, investment of Village funds, and debt management.  Financial transactions are monitored for accuracy and compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Fire Department

The Fire Department provides around-the-clock fire protection and emergency medical service to the Village.  In addition to fire prevention education, and inspection of commercial buildings in Newburgh Heights.

Housing & Building Department

The Village’s Housing & Building works closely with residents, local businesses and contractors to ensure safety and quality in construction and repairs. By issuing permits, examining plans and monitoring construction throughout the Village.  Please contact the Housing & Building Department to apply for permits, register rental properties, file for point of sale inspections, notify the Village of a foreclosure or vacant property, as well as to apply for zoning clearance, and ensure property maintenance compliance.

Mayor’s Court

Newburgh Heights Mayor’s Court hears traffic and housing violations, minor misdemeanors, and other offenses which occur within out jurisdiction.  The Mayor has authority to oversee cases before this court; however, the cases are heard by an appointed Magistrate.

Police Department

The Police Department is a law enforcement agency which serves in emergencies and non-emergencies, provides fingerprinting services, builds community relationships through initiatives and programs, such as Shop with a Cop.

Recreation Department

Recreation Department manages the youth sporting activities and events.

Service Department

The Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Village streets, public grounds and parks; cleaning, repairing, maintaining and inspecting all sanitary and storm sewers.  Provides leaf, ice and snow removal, as well as maintenance of public buildings and vehicles.