Commercial Vehicle Permits

/Commercial Vehicle Permits

The Newburgh Heights Police Department has contracted with Integrity Permits, LLC, for the issuance of commercial vehicle permits for commercial vehicles traveling through the Village of Newburgh Heights, Ohio.

Companies should note overweight/oversize permits issued by the State of Ohio do not include traveling on roadways within the Village of Newburgh Heights. As such, it will be necessary to obtain a Newburgh Heights overweight/oversize permit through Integrity Permits, LLC. 

This permitting service will allow companies to seamlessly obtain the necessary permits as required by Ohio law.  Operating on Village roadways without the required authorization (Permit) subjects haulers to substantial liabilities associated with operating “illegally” and exposes haulers to potential expensive fines and court costs that may result from an unpermitted vehicle or load being stopped and cited by a police officer. 

We encourage companies to pre-plan and obtain the necessary permits by contacting Integrity Permits, LLC. At 740-994-1844 or 740-994-1845. In addition, you may be contacted directly by Integrity Permits, LLC, advising your state-issued permit results in commercial vehicular travel through the Village of Newburgh Heights which will call for the acquisition of an additional permit. 

Permit Fee Schedule (revisions pending 12/2020) Call Integrity Permits for details.

Overweight/Oversize Vehicle Permit Application & Permit

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