Patrol & Detective Division

/Patrol & Detective Division

Patrol Division

The Newburgh Heights Police Department’s Patrol Division deploys police officers on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The duties of the Patrol Division include:

  • Accident investigations and traffic law enforcement
  • Apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Delivery of miscellaneous services to the community
  • Preservation of the peace
  • Protection of life and property
  • Prevention of delinquency
  • Repression of crime
  • Traffic direction and control

Officers are seen driving marked Newburgh Heights Police cruisers and will often stop to visit residents and businesses.  We subscribe to a community philosophy of policing and value those we serve.

Detective Bureau

The Newburgh Heights Police Department’s Detective Bureau is responsible for follow up on all assigned cases and investigations until such time as the case may be satisfactorily closed or a suspect is arrested and prosecuted.  

The Detective Bureau additionally consists of a Juvenile Officer who works as a liaison for Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

The Detective Bureau works closely with local, state and federal agencies to share information to prevent and solve crime.  

To report a tip or provide information to the detective bureau click here.  All tips received will remain anonymous.