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Welcome to the Village of Newburgh Heights Housing and Building Department.


We are transitioning the Housing and Building Department and until such is complete, if you need assistance, please send a detailed email to housing@newburgh-oh.gov and someone will get back to you.  We appreciate your patience during this time.

In 2000, Newburgh Heights established a non-residential Building Department which has fostered the growth to a full-time professional Housing and Building Department that serves as an important partner to property owners, business owners and all residents who call Newburgh Heights home. We support current and new development and efforts to help keep the Village’s housing stock healthy and growing. We are committed to guiding and helping our residents live well in Newburgh Heights whether they are a first-time home owner to a long-time renter. We encourage you to contact our offices to learn more about services offered to all residents or to get guidance and information on issues related to owning a home or business in Newburgh Heights.

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Mission Statement

The Housing and Building Department of the Village of Newburgh Heights is dedicated to supporting residents, home-owners, and business owners to be successful while fostering a sense of home-town pride in the community. We are committed to forming lasting partnerships within the Village of Newburgh Heights that will advance growth while offering support and guidance to protect and maintain Newburgh Height’s valuable housing stock. We pledge that the members of the Housing and Building Department team will be professional and will provide quality customer service to all who live and work in the Village of Newburgh Heights, and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public through fair interpretation and enforcement of current Newburgh Heights’ ordinances and State building code

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Housing and Building Department
216-641-2716 or 216-641-4654

Contact Information
Housing & Building Department
3801 Harvard Avenue
Newburgh Heights, OH 44105

Business Hours:

Monday thru Thursday


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