Selling or Buying a Property

//Selling or Buying a Property

Selling or Buying a Property

Point of Sale

The Village of Newburgh Heights is proud of the housing choices that are available in our community. To continue to offer a quality housing stock now and into the future, the Village requires that any property for sale or transfer shall have a Point of Sale purchased by the property owner before the property is put on the market. Sellers are required to provide a copy of the Point of Sale Inspection report to all potential buyers.

Keep in mind, a Point of Sale is NOT a home inspection. All potential buyers should consider hiring a certified home inspector to conduct an inspection and related testing of the property.

Contact the Housing and Building Department if you are considering selling your home or need to purchase a Point of Sale. We will be happy to answer your questions and we may be able to help you with resources as you consider selling your home. Remember, if you are purchasing in Newburgh Heights be sure to ask the seller for a copy of the Point of Sale report.  

If a Point of Sale is not obtained before the property transfers to a new owner, as in the case of a sheriff’s sale, the buyer has 30 days to comply with obtaining a Point of Sale. All violations noted on the inspection must be completed within 90 days of issuance of the Point of Sale as per the Village of Newburgh Heights Codified Ordinance 1329.01.