Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     My vehicle was towed, how do I get it back?

A:     Tow releases are issued 8 a.m. – Noon, Monday through Friday. 

         To view the tow release requirements click here:  Tow Release 2020.

Q:     I have a question concerning a traffic camera citation, where do I find my answer?
A:     Visit our Traffic Enforcement Camera page. 

Q:     I receive a photo citation in the mail.  How do I pay this citation?
A:     Payment for photo citations can be made by clicking here.

Q:     I was pulled over and the officer issued me a traffic citation.  How do I pay this citation?
A:     Online court payments can be accepted by clicking here
         Questions for the Clerk of Courts can be answered by calling (216) 536-4752 or email to court@newburgh-oh.gov

Q:     I am going on vacation, can officers watch my house while I am gone?
A:     NHPD officers conduct vacant house checks, simply complete the attached form and bring it to the police station. The vacation home registration form can be found by clicking here.

Q:     I have an overweight truck and need to apply for a permit.  How do I accomplish this?
A:     The NHPD has contracted with Integrity Permits  for the issuance of all permits to commercial vehicles.  Please see our Commercial Vehicle Page for additional information.
Q:     My question is not answered here, how to I contact you?
A:     You can call our office at (216) 641-2117 or send us an e-mail