The Village’s complete codified ordinances are available via an online portal maintained by the Walter H. Drane Company here.

2023 Ordinances

2023-01. Auth. for Mayor to Enter into an Agreement w/ Assist Now for Provision of Behavioral Services to Village Employees

2023-02. Authorizing Mayor to Enter into a Lease Agreement w/ OBM for Copier & Related Office Equipment

2023-03. MOU with Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District

2023-04. Enact. Cod. Ord. Sec. 121.09 “Right to Compel Attendance at Council Mtgs. and Council Com. Mtgs.”

2023-05. Auth. for Subgrant for Police Body Camera Equip.

2023-07. Appropriations through December 31, 2023

2023-10. Auth. to Enter Letter Agr. for E. 26th St. Project w/ OHM

2023-11. Auth. the Mayor to Prep. & Submit an Application to Participate in NEORSD Com. Share Prog. 

2023-12. Auth. for Mayor to Prep & Submit App. to Participate in NEORSD MCIP & to Execute Contracts as Required

2023-13. Ord. Amend. Cod. Ord Sections 315.07 & 317.07 “Contesting Tickets”

2023-13, amended. Ordinance Amending Codified Ordinance Sections 315.07 and 317.04

2023-14. Authorization for the Sale of Police Cruiser 5114

2023-17. Ord. Auth. Mayor & NHPD Chief to Enter Mutual Aid Agrmt. w/ Board of Park Comm. of the Cleveland Metro. Park District for Shared Services

2023-16.  Auth for Mayor to Enter Agreement w/ OHM for Development of Master Plan

2023-18. Ord. Amend. Cod. Ordinances to Distinguish Tickets Issued in School Zone & to Update Village Ordinances

2023-19. Auth. Mayor to Enter Agrmt. w/ Gatso for School Zone Traffic & Speed Enforcement

2023-20. Ordinance Authorizing the Acceptance of the NOPEC Grant

2023-22. Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into an Agreement w/ Partners Environmental, Inc. for Update Request

2023-23. Ord. Authorizing Acceptance of the Ohio Atty. Gen. 2022/2023 Ohio Law Enf. Body Armor Program Award

2023-24. Ord. Adopting the Updated Personnel Manual of the Village of Newburgh Hts.


2023-26. Ordinance Amending Codified Ordinance Chapter 315

2023-27. Ordinance Amending Codified Ordinance Chapter 317

2023-28. Ord. Authorizing the Village to Accept 2023-2024 Dept. of Pub. Safety EMS Training and Equipment Grant in the Amount of $755.10

2023-29. Ord. Amending 2023-07 to Adjust Appropriations Through December 31, 2023

2023-30. Ord. Certifying to Cuy. Cnty. Fiscal Officer for Inclusion on Cuy. Cnty. Tax Lists & Duplicates Assessments on the Real Property …



2023 Resolutions

23-01. Auth. to Enter a Contract w/ OHM for Engineering Services

23-02.  Auth. Accepting $250 Donation from OHM for Santa Visit

23-03. Auth. to Transfer $65,000 As Needed in 2023 to CIC

23-04. Auth. to Place 5 NHPD Panasonic Toughbook Laptops on GovDeals

23-05. Auth. to Place Certain NHPD Equipment on GovDeals

23-06. Resolution Declaring February as Amer. Heart Month

23-07. Authorization for F.O. to Transfer Funds from General Fund to General Obligation Fund

23-08. Resolution Celebrating Black History Month

23-09. Resolution Amending Res. 21-19 to Extend the Repayment Period of Advances from the Gen. Fund to Grants/CDBG Fund

23-10. Restoration of Local Gov’t Fund

23-11. Res. Declaring March as Women’s History Month

23-12. Provision that All Village Employees Will Not Forfeit Unused 2022 Vacation Days

23-13. Dissolution of the ESID

23-14. Auth. to Participate in the Nat’l. Opioid Settlement Cases

23-15. Naming the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Honor of Dorene Kray

23-16. ODOT Road Salt Agreement

23-17. Res. Urging Congress to Enact the Railway Safety Act of 2023

23-19. Resolution Notifying the County of NH’s Desire to Participate in Sched. Tax Adv. for 2023

23-20. Resolution Approving the Proposed Alternative Tax Budget for 2024

23-21. Authorization to Accept $1000 Gift from Rumpke for the Benefit of the Seniors Dinner & Bingo Event

23-22. Resolution Auth. the Mayor to Prepare, Submit App to Participate in the OPWC Improvement Programs and Execute Contracts as Required

2022 Ordinances

2022-01. Authorizing public record training for fiscal officer

2022-02. Authorizing agreement with attorney Vincent Ruffa as prosecutor

2022-03. Pay and benefits provisions for Building Department personnel

2022-04. Pay and benefits provisions for Finance Department personnel

2022-07. Amended position of administration assistant and photo enforcement clerk

2022-08. Pay and benefits provisions for Police Department personnel

2022-09. Authorizing memo of understanding with Cuyahoga County Board of Health

2022-10. Rate of pay for recreation director

2022-11. Pay and benefits provisions for Service Department personnel

2022-12. Moritorium on short-term residential real estate rentals

2022-13. Authorizing memo of understanding with Cuyahoga County Ready Notify system

2022-14. Authorizing construction for police sallyport

2022-15. Authorizing funds for Community Improvement Corporation to purchase 3655 Washington Park Boulevard

2022-16. Annual appropriations for 2022

2022-18. Fireworks regulations

2022-18.  AMENDED Fireworks CO Chap 1519

2022-19. Authorizing receipt and release of surety bond proceeds

2022-20. Authorizing agreement with WOW! for internet, cable and phone service

2022-21. Authorizing agreement with OHM Advisors for Member Community Infrastructure Program project verification

2022-22. Amending automated speed and traffic enforcement program

2022-23. Amending officer-operated handheld traffic law enforcement devices ordinance

2022-24. Extending the term of Village Economic Development Director Anthony Togliatti

2022-25. Codifying Village Solicitor duties

2022-26. Authorizing agreement with OHM Advisors for street sign replacement

2022-28. Accepting NOPEC Energized Community grants

2022-29. Authorizing agreement with OHM Advisors for storm sewer separation study

2022-30. Pay and benefits provisions for Police Department personnel

2022-31. Authorizing agreement with OHM Advisors for engineering services

2022-32. Authorizing agreement with North Royalton for housing prisoners

2022-34. Authorizing agreement with Northeast Ohio Trenching Service Co. for street improvements

2022-35. Authorizing agreement for engineering services related to street improvements

2022-36. Authorizing agreement with Partners Environmental Inc. for groundwater monitoring

2022-37. Authorizing agreement with Love Insurance Agency for policies

2022-38. Firefighter/Paramedic Candidate Conditional Reimbursement Agreement

2022-39. Authorizing agreement with Paladin Protective Services Inc

2022-40. Amending Personnel Policy Manual Section 505

2022-41. Supplementing Ord. 2021-37 providing police officers that laterally transferred with Service Credit

2022-43. Enacting Codified Ord. Chapter 931 ‘Use of Public Ways…’

2022-44. Enacting Codified Ord. 149.03 ‘Return of Village Property’

2022-45. Amending of Ord. 2022-08 – Consolidation of NHPD Pay

2022-46. Amending Ord. 2021-19 – Elimination of NHFD Educational Requirements

2022-47. Amending Section 501.99 entitled ‘Penalties for Misdemeanors’

2022-48.  Acceptance of 2022-2023 ODPS Grant

2022-49. Amending Rule of Council No. 200

2022-51. Amending Codified Ord Sec. 121.01 Entitled Meetings

2022-52. Approving Recodification of Certain Ordinances

2022-54. Ord. Enacting Cod. Ord 131.05 Grant App. & Reporting AMENDED

2022-57. Acceptance of Opioid Settlement

2022-60. Certifying to Cuy. County Fiscal Ofc. for Inclusion on Cuy. Cnty. Lists…

2022-61. Contract w/ Terrace Construction for Multi-Street Improvement Projects

2022-64. Ordinance Correcting Scrivener’s Error on 2021-24

2022-65. Ordinance Amending Personnel Policy Manual Sec. 401-Employee Benefits

2022-69. Ordinance Amending Personnel Manual Sec. 401

2022-71. Ordinance Authorizing Renewal of the Anthem Vision Health Plan

2022-72. Ordinance Authorizing the Renewal of Group Dental Insurance

2022-73. Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor to Procure Group Med Insurance “COSE MEWA 3020-2000”

2022-74. Ordinance Authorizing the Conveyance of 3937 E53rd St. to the CIC

2022-75. Temporary Appropriations for Current Expenses… Through March 31, 2023

2022-76. Appropriations for Current Expenses… Through December 31, 2023

2022-77. Establishing Pay, Remunerations, and Benefits of Firefighters for Calendar Year 2023

2022-78. Enacting Codified Ord. 139.14 Entitled “Ambulance Billing Rates”

2022-79.  Amend. Codified Ord. 315.06 Entitled “Civil Penalties” by Raising the Amount of Civil Penalties

2022-80. Amend. Codified Ord. 317.06 Entitled “Civil Penalties” by Raising the Amount of Civil Penalties – AMENDED

2022 Resolutions

22-02. Authorizing participation in ODOT road salt contracts

22-03. Supporting request of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture for American Rescue Plan Act funds

22-04. Amending Cod. Ord 1133.02 – Fireworks Sales/Storage/Distribution

22-05. Authorizing application for Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District member community infrastructure program

22-06. Approving the proposed alternative tax budget

22-07. Notification to Cuyahoga County of N.H. desire to participate in scheduled tax advances for 2022

22-08. Authorization to Sell Squad 5441

22-10. Participation in OPWC Program

22-11. Res. Accepting Amounts & Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission & Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies…

22-12. Accepting the 2022-2027 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

22-13. Accepting the Gift of $250.00 from OHM

22-14. Application for Cuyahoga County Community Grant Program

22-15. Authorization to File for the Community Development Block Grant

22-17. Auth. to Accept a $250 Gift from OHM for 12/10/22 Santa Visit

22-18. Auth. for Fiscal Officer to Transfer… from General Fund (100) to General Obligation Fund (301)

22-19. Auth. for Fiscal Officer to Transfer… from the General Fund (100) to the Fire Department Fund(292)

2022 Memoranda

Jan. 19, 2022 Memo of Understanding between Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District and Newburgh Heights


3801 Harvard Avenue
Newburgh Heights, OH 44105